i love pretty little liars and im going to post theories and clues here so that we can find out who A is and who killed Ali
sorry for my bad english!!


when i first started watching the show i always that ,that Maya had something to do with A. I remember when A stole the pics of her and emily kissing and she wasn’t worried or pissed at all. And i always that she was kind of shady. It was like Emily didn’t knew her at all she. She was friends with Noel khan and she slept  at his cabin, she went to weird parties and then there is this whole nate thing that Emily didn’t knew nothing about. I know that they revealed who ”Killed” her. But what if she’s alive? Nate never said that he actually killed Maya i remember when he and Emily where in the cabin in the woods he said “You took something away from me so I’m going to take something away from you” and he meant that he was going to kill paige. But this doesn’t really make sense. if he killed maya then he already took something away from Emily! 


i actually have three theories

theorie 1

maya is alive found out things about Ali and the Ateam became read coat and faked her dead to protect herself

theorie 2

maya has a twin

theorie 3

maya was on the Ateam and had to get close to emily to find things out. But then she fall in love with Emily and didn’t want to be on the Ateam anymore. So she decided to tell Emily everything. But the Ateam found out and killed her.

Im not sure how Nate (lindon) fits in these theories 

but this is my maya theory let me know what you think!

(Sorry for the mistakes English is not my first language or anything like that)


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